How does it work?

1. Get a quote from us.

Choose the item you wish to sell and follow the quick and simple procedure of answering a few questions regarding the condition of your device to see our offer. You can now click on "Add to Shipping Box" to create your sales order. If you want to sell multiple items, you can easily add other items to your Shipping Box. Once all items have been added, you can confirm by clicking "Complete Sale".

2. Send us the items.

You can now send the items to us. If you have confirmed the sale, you can find all transaction details under "My account". You will also be able to print our Royal Mail shipping label which enables FREE shipping and your parcel to be tracked and fully insured. Please note that you should always use our shipping label, as otherwise you will bear the shipping costs and your parcel will not be tracked or insured by us. Please pack the items securely using a sturdy box with bubble wrap or paper inside. You can send up to 3 parcels per agreement. Please include the "Put-me-in-the-parcel-note" that you can download from My Account, or a slip of paper with your sale number written on it. A parcel may weigh up to 30kg. Note the tracking and IMEI numbers and keep them in a safe place for your own administration. In case a parcel goes missing, these numbers will help us track it down. We will send you an email as soon as we receive your parcel.

3. Grading of your items.

All items we purchase are intended for resale. We carry out extensive assessment of the quality of the device; what is a small, almost invisible scratch for the seller is perhaps an unacceptable deep scratch for the buyer. That is why we have a number of mandatory directives that we are checking. Once the grading has been completed you will receive an email. The price of the item will be credited to your bank account/PayPal account or you will be given a counter offer. Assessment of items normally takes no more than 4-5 days (excluding weekends and public holidays).